Stepping Stones Housing Co-operative

Stepping Stones Housing Co-operative was set up by a group of people who shared a vision of living and working co-operatively with each other and in ecological harmony with our environment.

In April 1999 the co-operative bought Highbury Farm, near the village of Redbrook in the Lower Wye valley. The farm is situated on a hillside which overlooks the village and river and is on the edge of the Forest of Dean

The House at Highbury Farm We are currently renovating the old farm house which houses some members and provides communal living space, while other people live in caravans and other low impact structures.

Low Impact Mobile Home The co-op is inspired by a vision of finding ecological and socially sustainable ways of living together as a community. We are exploring and learning how to manage our land without exploitation of animals and all food on the farm is vegetarian or vegan.

Collecting firewood in the orchard We regard children and young people as an essential part of any sustainable community and are developing our policies to ensure that they and their parents are always able to participate in the running of the cooperative.
Sweet Chestnut Trees

Projects at Stepping Stones include:

Renovating an old cider apple and perry pear orchard
Managing species rich unimproved grassland (we have a small flock of pet sheep)
Working with English Nature to coppice in adjacent Highbury Woods (a national nature reserve)

Establishing new vegetable gardens and fruit tree plantings
Designing and building systems to supply our own energy and resource needs

Catalyst, a workers’ co-op helping new co-ops to set up is also based at Highbury Farm.
Childrens area at Radical Routes gathering We are also able to host small gatherings for like minded groups and would like to develop the site as a space for environmental education camps and courses.

We have occasional work weeks when we welcome WWOOFers and other working volunteers to help with our projects. Please contact us for more information if you would like to participate.

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